How to maintain your stormwater drain

Here’s everything you need to know about residential stormwater drain solutions; from why it pays off to have a stormwater drain installed in your backyard to how to maintain it properly.

In this video, Mick discusses stormwater drainage solutions with Fallon Solutions plumber Elijah, as well as looking at the installation of a channel drain to draw water away from the house.

How to maintain your stormwater drain – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
I said, Elijah I see you’ve been pretty busy here digging a trench. And what’s actually going on?

[0:09] Elijah
Oh, okay, so we’re just putting a new drainage system in so that when it rains it collects all the water that runs off the roof and off the driveway.

[0:16] Mick
And so that reduces the risk of flooding?

[0:18] Elijah
Yes, absolutely right. So we’ve got the old system here that was just inadequate. It didn’t take in enough water so we put this new channel grate running right around the edge.

[0:27] Mick
And it’ll take the volume of water, especially in heavy downpours.

[0:28] Elijah

[0:29] Mick
So what are the flow-on effects of some of those things if you don’t do something like this

[0:35] Elijah
So it was just a build-up of mould because the water itself was just sitting up against the side of the house there. So putting the channel grate in there alleviates any kind of further issues.

[0:44] Mick
And you know the issues associated with mould or health issues are well documented so that’s stopping the mould happening inside the house because we’re actually capturing it here.
So if I want to maintain that make sure it’s working properly because I don’t want mould in my house. What do I do?

[0:57] Elijah
Okay, so well a stormwater system only works when it’s clear of debris. So anything like grass clippings, rocks, you know, you’ve got to try and keep that out of your drains but apart from that as long as they’re clear they’ll work fine.

[1:09] Mick
That’ll do the job, brilliant mate. thanks very much.