The benefits of a mesh WiFi system

What is a Mesh Wifi system?

What is the best home network to ensure you have coverage throughout your home? A Mesh WIFI System can give you a seamless connection no matter where you are.

Mick speaks to Fallon Solutions data cabler Chris about the benefits of a direct data connection for PCs and printers and a mesh wifi system for mobile devices.

The benefits of a mesh WiFi system – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
So, Chris, you’re providing a range of internet solutions for me today aren’t you?

[0:06] Chris
Yes, Mick, we’re going to give you a strong internet connection throughout your house that you can control.

[0:12] Mick
And so you put a couple of data points down there. Why did you do that?

[0:17] Chris
Mick, you said to me you’re building a home office here so we put a couple of data connections here so that you can have a direct connection from your PC and from your printer and that way then you’ve got seamless connectivity.

[0:32] Mick
And of course, the direct connection, does it give me faster speeds?

[0:33] Chris
Yeah, wifi only gives you 54 megabits per second whereas a physical connection can give you 100 to 1000 megabits per second.

[0:42] Mick
That’s a big difference, isn’t it? Absolutely.
And so you’re also going to put in a new wifi system for me.

[0:46] Chris
Yeah, we’re going to put a wifi mesh system in. So any dead spots you have in your house will be non-existent.

[0:55] Mick
Which would be great because you get complaints about that.
Is there any other features that I should know about in regard to this particular system?

[0:58] Chris
Yeah, if you have trouble with your kids on their devices all the time, not coming to dinner or breakfast or lunch you can actually go onto the app and pause the internet. Which will obviously stop them from using their devices.

[1:11] Mick
Might use it as a punishment tool. I like that, it’s a great feature. I’ll let you get it in mate, appreciate you doing that.

[1:16] Chris
Thank you.

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