Is your TV antenna causing TV reception issues?

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a game where the signal keeps dropping out. If your TV antenna is causing reception issues, you may need to have it replaced. Find out more about what’s involved in a TV antenna installation in our video.

[00:03] Mick
So Chris, since I’ve moved in here I’ve had a lot of issues with my TV dropping out, fuzzy pictures, not connecting. What are some of the reasons that that could be happening?

[00:11] Chris
First of all, it could be the TV antenna itself could have failed, the pole might not be secured correctly on the roof, or it could be the cabling. It could be the connectors connecting from the TV point to the antenna.

[00:25] Mick
Quite a few different reasons that could be happening. You’ve identified that it’s my TV antenna right, so what are things going to consider when you’re looking at a new TV antenna?

[00:34] Chris
First of all, it’s location, of the property itself, location on the roof, the actual antenna itself, that you have the correct antenna. In your case, you’re kind of on a fringe and your antenna needs to be a specific type and needs to point to a specific point.

[00:53] Mick
Okay great, so how do you know when you’ve got it in the right position?

[00:57] Chris
We have this TV analyzer that plugs into the antenna and it will actually give me a signal strength and then when I have the correct signal strength I can then lock the antenna in.

[01:08] Mick
Okay, brilliant mate, I look forward to getting a clear TV picture again. I’ll let you get back onto it. Awesome.