The benefits of smart air conditioning

Have you ever forgotten to turn off your air conditioner before leaving the house? It happens to all of us. With a smart air conditioner, this won’t be a problem anymore, as you can control the settings of your air conditioning unit remotely.

Mick speaks to Fallon Solutions air conditioning technician Brendan about the advantages of installing smart air conditioning.

The benefits of smart air conditioning – video transcript

[0:04] Mick
So, Brendan, the Daikin air conditioning system we put in here today has wi-fi compatibility, that means I can operate it from my smartphone or my tablet.

[0:12] Brendan
Yeah, that’s right Mick. We’ve got the Daikin app here so if you’ve knocked off work and you want to come home to a cool space all you need to do is jump in the app and you can turn it on, adjust the temperature to whatever you need.
Conversely, if you’ve left home and you forgot to turn your air conditioner off you can just jump in the app and turn it off remotely.

[0:29] Mick
I’ve left my air conditioner on all day a few times. There’s a feature I’d definitely use.
So how does it exactly work?

[0:34] Brendan
So I install an adapter in the indoor unit that connects to your wi-fi and then all you need to do is have internet access via some mobile device and then it connects to your air conditioner remotely. And then you have full access to monitor and turn it off.

[0:51] Mick
That’s a great feature. And it works both on Android and iOS?

[0:54] Brendan
Exactly, yeah. There’s no subscription fees all your need is internet access.

[0:59] Mick
Brilliant, that’s great mate. Thank you very much. I’ll let you get back to it.