Is ducted air conditioning right for your home?

Is a ducted air conditioning system or multiple split system reverse cycle air con right for Queensland homes? Lee Carseldine talks with air conditioning technician Av from Fallon Solutions about the pros and cons of both, and the ducted aircon installation process.

Is ducted air conditioning right for your home? – video transcript

Lee – I’m here with Av out the front of this recently renovated Queenslander which is struggling to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Av, what can the homeowners do to keep more comfortable?

Av – Well, Lee the homeowners have renovated their house to a really high standard which is fantastic. But they didn’t upgrade their current air conditioning system, so with their new floor plan, we’ll have to come up with a new design.

Lee – Great, let’s take a look.
So Av, what have we got?

Av – Currently this house is conditioned with multiple split systems however with the new floor plan and the way they intend on using the house I recommend that we design a centralised ducted system.

Lee – So what is the actual difference between a split system and a ducted system?

Av – So a ducted system is a centralised system up in the ceiling with multiple outlets throughout the house. A split system is a dedicated wall-mounted split for each individual room.

Lee – So what are the steps involved in installing a ducted unit?

Av – So the first step is the installation phase. Included in this is the installation of the indoor evaporated cooler in the ceiling. Next is the installation of the interconnecting pipe work and cabling from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Then it’s the installation of the flexible ductwork and outlets. After that, we install the condensing unit on the outside. Finally, we run you through how to operate your system.

We turn it on and off with this button. Select what mode we’d like, in this case, we’ll choose cooling. Select the temperature, 23, the fan speeds, and then we’ll choose which zones we’ll have on or off.

Very simple, and that’s your whole process.