How to choose the perfect split system aircon for your home

How to choose the perfect split system aircon for your home If you’re in SEQ and would like a professional assessment of your current aircon or have decided it’s time to upgrade to a new air conditioner, we can help.

Mick speaks to one of Fallon Solutions’ experienced air conditioning technicians to find out what to consider when choosing an air conditioner, especially when deciding on the size, and other factors which can affect the air conditioning installation.

How to choose the perfect split system aircon for your home – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
It does feel nice and cool, it’s good. In Queensland, we’re a very popular state because we’ve got this lovely warm weather and sunny days. But you know for a lot of people, particularly on days like today, it gets a bit sweltery and humid. You know, living in that kind of temperature is pretty unbearable if you don’t have a good air conditioning system.

[0:24] Air conditioning technician
Yeah, that’s right Mick, that’s why we’re installing multiple air conditioners in your home today.

[0:27] Mick
Okay, how do I know what capacity I need?

[0:30] Air conditioning technician
Well, it depends on the space that the indoor unit’s installed in. So if you have a look in your home today you have a lot of large glass panels, that take in a lot of heat load from the sun rays as well as the insulation that is in your roof space and in the walls.

[0:46] Mick
Okay, and so if you’ve got more insulation the lower capacity air conditioner I might need?

[0:52] Air conditioning technician
Yeah, that’s correct. Yeah, they’re all factors that we take in when we’re assessing what size air conditioning you need.

[0:58] Mick
Okay, so this is a Daikin Alira split system.

[1:00] Air conditioning technician

[1:01] Mick
Why is this system you know why are we installing this one? What are the features of this particular system?

[1:06] Air conditioning technician
So this is a reverse cycle system, it has a nice modern interior to suit the space that you’re in. It also comes with the whisper-quiet function so it gets down to 19 decibels, so you can hardly hear it when it’s in operation.

[1:19] Mick
Yeah, that’s a great feature for those light sleepers.

[1:21] Air conditioning technician
Yeah definitely.

[1:22] Mick
Are there any other features we need to be aware of in the Daikin Alira?

[1:24] Air conditioning technician
Yeah for sure. So if you have a look on the right-hand side there you’ll see like that little bobble. It’s actually an infrared sensor, that’s scanning the room to see whether anyone’s within the space. If you happen to go to your bedroom for 20 minutes it will ramp down to an economy-saving mode and save you up to 46% on your running.

[1:39] Mick

[1:40] Air conditioning technician
Yeah that’s right.

[1:42] Mick
It’s a good saving for the big users.
Okay, is there anything else I need to consider from an air conditioning point of view? You know, when you’re looking at doing an upgrade in my home.

[1:50] Air conditioning technician
Yeah definitely. So downstairs in the living room and the bedroom, the indoor units are installed on internal walls so we had to create a bulkhead to conceal the pipes in that instance. And we’ve had it on an internal wall in another bedroom where we removed sheeting and piped everything internally through your wall space.
That’s why it’s important to get us out to have a look at what’s required for the installation in your space.

[2:15] Mick
Yeah because you’re going to get that quote right the first time

[2:16] Air conditioning technician

[2:17] Mick
Brilliant okay, I know you guys know what you’re doing so you get back to it alright?