The benefits of a professional air conditioning clean & what is involved

Do you get your air conditioning regularly serviced? If not, when was the last time it was cleaned? Here air conditioning technician AJ takes Lee through why you would regularly get an air conditioning service and what is involved.

The benefits of a professional air conditioning clean & what is involved – video transcript

Lee: So AJ last time we were here we spoke about maintaining the air conditioning system of yourself but why is it important to get serviced by professional?

AJ: So Lee it’s important to get your conditioning serviced by a professional to help prolong the life of the air conditioner and keep your energy bills down as well.

Lee: Okay let’s go take a look. Okay this AC looks quite filthy and it’s probably seen better days.

AJ: Yeah it definitely has Lee as you can see up inside there they’ve got quite a bit of mould buildup so when this family turns this unit on they’re actually breathing in poor-quality air.

Lee: So it probably needs more than just the filters cleaned.

AJ: Yeah it definitely does so what this unit needs is an intensive clean.

  • So first off I isolated the unit and taking the indoor covers off.
  • Then I attach the decontamination unit around the indoor.
  • Then I spray the indoor coil and the area outlet with a food-grade cleaner.
  • So while I let the indoor coil and the air outlet soak I take the indoor covers downstairs and give them a good cleanup.
  • So I come back to the indoor unit, clean up the indoor coil, the air outlet in the fan barrel.
  • So then I’ll come downstairs to the condensing unit, open up the condensing unit, and I’m checking for gas leaks, vermin and just debris in the fins of the coil.
  • Put the condensing unit back together spray it with the cleaner and then wash the whole condensing unit down and get the unit right back to where it should be.
  • Then we come back to the indoor unit and put the indoor covers back on and test the operation of the machine.
  • So I’ve just completed this intensive service so now this family is breathing in cleaner and safer air.

ARC: AU13164 | QBCC: 1088291| Electrical Lic: 65776