Why do flexible water hoses burst?

Old, rusted and poorly installed flexible water hoses are prone to bursting and can therefore create a flood risk. Fallon Solutions plumber Josh explains what has to be done in order to prevent flooding in the home.

In this video, Josh explains how we install a kitchen mixer tap with isolation valves and why flexible hoses need to be checked regularly.

Why do flexible water hoses burst? – video transcript

[0:04] Mick
Josh, these new flexi tap here looks fantastic.

[0:11] Josh
Yeah, it’s amazing how just updating the taps and the fittings in your kitchen can change the whole look.

[0:14] Mick
Yeah absolutely. And so you’re going to put some mini taps.

[0:17] Josh
Yeah, we call them a mini tap, basically they’re an isolation tap that we install at the point where the water comes through the wall in your kitchen and they join onto the base of your mixer tap that way in the event of a leak or a burst you can easily isolate the mixer tap and retain water to the remainder of the property.

[0:33] Mick
So there’s potentially a flood risk associated, that’s why you put those in?

[0:36] Josh
Yeah, definitely Mick. So the main cause of flooding in the home are from these, stainless steel flexible water hoses. Basically what happens is over time they build up rust, that rust creates a weak point in the hose. Underneath is a black rubber, that black rubber doesn’t hold its own integrity, it will balloon through that weak point and cause a burst.

[0:58] Mick
Yeah, right okay. So that one looks like it’s seen better days for sure.

[1:01] Josh
Yeah sure has Mick that’s why we’re installing these. These are a new polymer braided flexible hose. Not only is it polymer braided but polymer on the inside as well. That way there’s no chance of rust and it’s a much stronger, longer-lasting material.

[1:16] Mick
That’d be easy to forget being under the sink.

[1:19] Josh
Yeah definitely. Look it’s vital to check underneath all of your sinks where you may have a flexible water hose installed just to check for that rust. They should be replaced every five years.

[1:29] Mick
Every five years, dodged a bullet there thanks, Josh.

[1:31] Josh
That’s all right mate.