The People of Fallon Solutions: Chris

Chris is one of our air conditioning technicians. Watch our video to find out what it’s like to work at Fallon Solutions, what he’s learnt since starting and more

The People of Fallon Solutions: Chris – video transcript

Do you support any charities?
Chris – I’m a big animal supporter, so RSPCA. I really like to support them and also Veterans Affairs.

Do you have any funny animal stories from being on the job?
Every time I go to a property and there’s normally a pet. I think I spend a bit too much time playing with the pets. But I’ve never come across anything aggressive and sometimes the pets want to actually come with me.

What are the steps involved in becoming an air conditioning technician?
Chris – The steps involved in becoming an air conditioning or refrigeration technician, it’s like any other trade. It’s a four year apprenticeship. I actually did mine in Defence Force so I did all my training through them and then obviously I’ve left now and gone into the domestic area.

There’s actually a few similarities between being in the Defence Force and Fallons, obviously, we wear a uniform, you have to wear it with a lot of pride, always conduct yourself correctly.
Customer service is probably the biggest thing with Fallon’s, it’s second to none.

How do you cope with the peak season workload?
Working as a team is the only way we’ve managed such an influx of people, cause we are very seasonal, air conditioning. Obviously summer we’re a lot more busy, so we really have to have a lot of time management.

Have you worked on any major projects while at Fallon?
Over the last few months. A few projects. A lot of installs, especially in the hotter weather.
We have a lot of elderly customers sometimes and they really rely on us to get out there and help them in times of extreme heat or cold.

What have you learnt since working at Fallon?
So what I’ve learnt the last four months since I started working at Fallons, customer service would have to be my biggest there, communication and also time management have really improved quite a lot.

What is one of the biggest challenges in your role at Fallon?
The biggest challenge in being in the air conditioning department for myself, is obviously the different brands. We need to sort of know how to work on Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic. That can be quite challenging sometimes.

What’s an important piece of advice you give your customers?
It’s actually very crucial to get a proper technician in to do a service. A lot of people think it’s just as simple as cleaning filters, it’s not, there’s a lot of mould, bacteria that build up in these airons that affect a lot of people’s health. So it’s very important to get them services regularly.