The People of Fallon Solutions: Hobie

Hobie is one of our electricians. Watch our video to find out his thoughts on working for Fallon Solutions, what’s required to become an electrician & what he’s learned since working at Fallon Solutions.

The People of Fallon Solutions: Hobie – video transcript

What do you like to do on weekends?
Hobie – Ah, weekends for me usually consist of going to the beach, a little bit of four-wheel driving, anything outdoors. Playing a little bit of football on Sundays and I play some rugby league on the weekends.

What’s the path to becoming an electrician?
The path to being an electrician is like any other trade, you go to TAFE school for four years. A lot of that is month blocks where you go and do pretty heavy exams for a week. There’s usually, you do three to four exams a week and yeah, you do that for four years and at the end of your time you get your licence and you’re free to go out and do electrical work on your own.

What is a typical day for you as a Fallon electrician?
So the moment the alarm goes off at my house I get up and usually let my dogs off the chain and have a little bit of a run around with them in the morning. Have some breakfast. Head to my first job a little bit early, do some paperwork, make sure I’m ready for the day and then go and greet my first customer.

What do you enjoy most about working for Fallon?
Just the team environment. I knew a few guys here and the way they spoke about Fallons, they all hold Fallon’s really highly, and the professionalism within Fallon’s is second to none.

What’s the most important part of your role?
The most important part of my role being electrician would be the safety aspects of the trade. Making sure that everybody’s safe in their household and that you know everything’s working to scratch. And people can have peace of mind around their electrical system in their house.

The health and safety is always changing in our industry so we’re always on top of that. We get people come in and train us regularly on the new standards and we’re always on top of that sort of stuff. It’s really good.

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a Fallon electrician?
Biggest challenges in our job would be the trade itself being such a broad industry, trying to learn everything and no two days are the same. But with, you know, the support of everyone here and, you know, the training that we are provided, you know, it makes that really easy.

On any particular day, we work in it doing a number of things, we could be doing smoke alarm upgrades, CCTV systems, and home automation and energy efficiency audits of people’s homes to help them save money.

What is one piece of advice you give your customers?
The number one piece of advice I always tell my customers is that they can all only use us for almost any emergency around the house, it’s not just electrical, we have plumbers, air conditioner techs, and appliance repair guys as well.