The People of Fallon Solutions: Max

Max is one of our Fallon plumbers who has been a part of our team for 4 years. Watch our video to discover what he’s learned working at Fallon Solutions, his favourite project & more.

People of Fallon Solutions – plumber Max – video transcript

How do you like to kick back on Fridays after a long week of work?
Max – So after a big long week on a Friday afternoon what I typically like to do is get home, put my gear away, and sit on the back deck, throw the ball for the two dogs, and drink beer.

What are the steps involved in becoming a plumber?
Steps involved in becoming a plumber is find yourself an apprenticeship if you’re lucky enough to get one. And then you enrol you get started on the tools straightaway. You follow what the tradesman tells you to do, basically, you start off digging ditches like everyone else does and then you learn your steps, just by trial and error and get going from there. Do your time at TAFE, learn your theory side of the skills and before you know it, you’re signed off, 4 years later.

How long have you been at Fallon Solutions?
I’ve been with Fallons since 2014 so four years now.

What skills have you learnt while working at Fallon?
Since being at Fallons the skills I’ve picked up have been communication skills. A big part of it. Some time management because you’re basically working as your own business in the van because your own clients see you on a regular basis, they request you back and if you provide the good service that’s where you get going with it all.

What do you find most rewarding about being a plumber at Fallon?
So the most rewarding part of my job is when you can help someone have a bad situation whether it’s a stressful job where you’ve got overflowing sewer in the backyard or burst hot water system. Some of the bigger more emergency-type jobs and you can help them out and then they’re very appreciative at the end of it.

Do you have a favourite project that you’ve worked on at Fallon?
One of the projects I worked on at Fallons is quite a big renovation actually where we helped out an older gentleman with a big renovation downstairs where he wanted to get himself set up because he’s got some motor neuron disease. And we’ve done up all the plumbing that suited his height that he needs for when he’s in a wheelchair. And he was very happy with the outcome.

What is a piece of advice you give your customers?
So the main piece of advice I give all my customers with is if there is any issues with any part of the process that we’ve gone through just to let us know because if we’re told about what’s going wrong we can help them fix it straight away.

What makes Fallon different?
What I found about Fallon’s with their culture is that they’re very proud of it and they try and include everyone where they can. It’s a very professional company.