Flexi Hoses: The hidden flood danger that could be under your sink

Flexi Hoses are a common installation found under kitchen and bathroom sinks. As the name suggests, they offer a flexible option for older-style piping. But, if not regularly checked, maintained or replaced, they can be a serious house flooding risk.

Lee speaks to Fallon plumber Lachie to find out more about the risks of flooding due to damaged flexi hoses.

Flexi Hoses: The hidden flood danger that could be under your sink – video transcript

Lee: We’re here today with Lachie to talk about the hidden flood danger in many Australian homes. Lachie is this house at risk?

Lachie: Well Lee there could be a risk under the kitchen sink or there could be a danger in the bathrooms let’s go take a look.

Lee: Okay Lachie what have you found?

Lachie: Well Lee I found a potential flood hazard here under the kitchen sink we’ve got a flexi hose here with seen better days.

Lee: What’s a flexi hose?

Lachie: A flexi hose is a really common fitting found in most households they are really prone to bursting.

Lee: Okay so what are the risks?

Lachie: Well there are many reasons for the burst can occur:

First is incorrect installation flexi hoses are popular among DIYers however installation of flexi hoses requires specialized knowledge that a licensed plumber is best to provide.
Another reason is age and maintenance of the hose. Most flexi hoses only have a lifespan of five years and need to be checked annually within that time to make sure that there is no rusting fraying or kinking that could cause a burst.

Lee: Okay Lachie what is the best course of action for people who are concerned?

Lachie: Well the good news Lee is water damage to your home is preventable as long as you have your flexi hoses installed by a licensed plumber checked every six months and replaced every five years.