Benefits of an under sink water filter

Filtering your tap water can have plenty of health benefits and it is a more environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. Find out more about the benefits of an under-sink water filtration system in this video.

In this video we discuss the benefits of an under-sink water filter; especially a high-flow model that filters the water to your main tap, meaning you don’t need to have a second tap on your kitchen sink.

Benefits of an under-sink water filter – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
So Josh one of the problems I have with taps is it often has a chlorine taste and I’m really not a fan of that but putting in a water filter would help that, wouldn’t it?

[0:11] Josh
Absolutely Mick. This one here is going to remove any of those natural and artificial impurities such as sand, rust, sediment and algae. Not only giving you a better tasting water but it’s better for your health as well.

[0:23] Mick
Well, fantastic. So what are the health benefits?

[0:25] Josh
Over a long period of time, those natural impurities can have a negative impact on your health. This filter is going to remove that, give you a much safety cleaner water.

[0:34] Mick
But I could just go and buy a lot of bottled water and isn’t that just as clean and healthy?

[0:38] Josh
Unfortunately, most of the time the water in this bottle isn’t much better than your tap water. Not only does it cost more but it’s bad for the environment.Most of these plastic bottles end up in nature

[0:49] Mick
Yeah that’s right. So okay, filter water’s better. So what’s the most common, you know, water filters that people tend to install?

[0:56] Josh
So this filter that we’re installing today is a high flow under sink unit. Basically, it’s installed on any standard mixer tap, that way there’s no need for a new outlet to be drilled into the bench.

[1:07] Mick
So nothing cluttering up the bench which is really useful.

[1:10] Josh
Absolutely. And you know, you’ve got this nice stain bench up here we don’t need to cut a new hole.

[1:14] Mick
Okay so how many litres or how long does it last before I have to exchange something like this?

[1:19] Josh
So this filter here is at 0.1 microns, so very fine filter. It can filter up to 60 000 litres for approximately 12 months use.

[1:29] Mick
Yeah, right okay fantastic. So you know is it hard to exchange?

[1:34] Josh
Not at all Mick. So you can do this yourself. Basically, the water filter is attached by twisting and pushing in, when removing you can untwist the filter, pull it out without having to isolate that water.

[1:24] Mick
Thank you.