Discover the features of a clipsal light switches

Who would have thought a light switch can have so many different features? While aesthetics play a big part in both, the Clipsal Saturn and Clipsal Iconic range, there is more than meets the eye. To find out more about the benefits of Clipsal light switches Mick speaks to Fallon Solutions electrician Morris in our video.

Discover the features of Clipsal light switches – video transcript

[0:05] Mick
So, Morris, I see you’re replacing the light switch with the Clipsal Iconic Series. What’s the main benefit of these light switches?

[0:12] Morris
These switches are a slimline switch from Clipsal. They really create the point of difference in this beautiful home and it’ll just be that nice finishing touch on your wall.

[0:20] Mick
Okay, so they’re really stylish. What are the other functionalities they offer?

[0:23] Morris
The Clipsal Iconic and the Clipsal Saturn range also have the option to add a LED-backlit indicator which basically means this switch here at night will illuminate so you don’t trip over anything on the way home with when the lights are off and you can see exactly where that switch is.

[0:35] Mick
Well, we’ve all been reaching out for switches at some stage in our lives.

[0:38] Morris
Exactly right. The only other benefit of these ones you can change the skin yourself. So this one here you’re going to be changing over. So this one here that’s perfectly good for you to do as the homeowner, anything behind that needs an electrician. But if you do decide to change the colour of your wall you can get the perfect skin to match that.

[0:56] Mick
So if I do a little bit of redecoration, I can then actually just change the skin. I can’t change the whole switch because the electrician to do that but I can change the colour to suit my redecoration that I’m doing.

[1:04] Morris
Exactly right. And one last thing to note about these they have the premium eco-label Mick which means they’re responsibly produced.

[1:10] Mick
Gee, I never knew that there was so much to know about a light switch mate, thanks.

[1:14] Morris
Thank you.