LED Downlights – more than just a money saver

Why you should consider swapping over your halogen downlights to LED. Joel will answer a few questions on the benefits of LED lighting.

LED Downlights – more than just a money saver – video transcript

Lee: So Joel last time we were here we spoke about energy savings and switching over from halogen down lighting to LED. What actually are the cost savings and the benefits?

Joel: Lee the main benefits are that they draw less power which means they’re more economical to run. When we do a halogen swap out to LED we can save up to 80% power per fitting. In this home with 12 halogen downlights, this family may save $300 per year. LED bulbs also have an estimated lifespan of 40,000 hours compared to 2000 per halogen light. To put that in perspective based on three hours usage per night an LED bulb will last up to 20 times longer than a standard halogen.

Lee: It makes an LED upgrade a far more economical choice in the long run is it any other reasons for switching?

Joel: Safety is another concern when roof insulation comes into contact with halogen bulbs it can cause house fires upgrading to LED greatly reduces that risk. As you can see on the thermal camera there is a significant difference in the temperature being produced by these halogens and by this LED.

Lee: Are there any drawbacks to LED lighting?

Joel: When LEDs first came on the market some people thought they were a bit harsh in their light output luckily manufacturers now make warm white LEDs which emit a similar light to that of halogen

Lee: That’s good to hear.

Joel: And lastly just make sure they install by a licensed electrician.