Take your home’s interior to the next level with a pendant light

Want to make a statement in your home’s stairwell? Pendant Lighting is a great way to make a stairwell interesting. In this video, our electrician installs a bamboo pendant light.

A stylish pendant light can add the finishing touches to your home’s interior design. Our electricians are experienced in installing light fittings of all kinds and will be more than happy to recommend any additional features for the ultimate “wow” factor.

In this video Fallon electrician Morris installs a beautiful light pendant in the entryway of Mick’s home.

Take your home’s interior to the next level with a pendant light – video transcript

[0:03] Mick
Morris! Fantastic, you’re getting my light fitting up.

[0:05] Morris
Yeah, it’s a pretty special one, Mick. What’s it made of?

[0:09] Mick
It’s actually made of a bamboo plywood actually. It comes in different finishes, I’ve gone with the white here. I think it’ll look fantastic when it gets up there.

[0:16] Morris
Yeah, it’s going to make a pretty special pattern on the wall. We’re almost finished putting it up.

[0:20] Mick
Right, yeah really close Okay so where will I turn it on or off?

[0:23] Morris
I’m just going to connect it to the existing switch plates. You’ve got an existing two way at the top and the bottom of the stairs. So obviously if you come up at night you can turn it on or if you’re having people over you can turn it on from upstairs as well.

[0:33] Mick
And can I add a dimmer because it’s going to add a bit of a mood to this room? Can I get a dimmer to that?

[0:35] Morris
As long as we put a dimmable bulb in there Mick, year of course we can add a dimmer to the existing switch plate.

[0:41] Mick
All right well I can’t wait for it to get up there so I’ll let you get back to it.

[0:43] Morris
Sweet, cheers.

[0:59] Morris
Well done Mick that’s a pretty spectacular light fitting mate.

[1:01] Mick
Looks fantastic mate yeah, absolutely. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it looks like at night and what sort of patterns that it throws. I mean it’s meant to sort of enhance the architectural details of this house so, really interested to see what it looks like.

[1:14] Morris
Yeah well, why don’t you turn around on the wall there and see what you think?

[1:17] Mick
Oh yeah, that’s going to be great at night. I can’t wait to be outside and have a look at it. Looks fantastic mate you’ve done a great job.

[1:24] Morris
Yeah thank you, looks good

[1:25] Mick
Well, I might let you finish up.